Friday, February 12, 2021

Acorns: What I Made in Two Years with the Acorns Investing App

What I Made in Two Years with the Acorns Investing App

I've found the Acorns app to be an easy, fun way to save and invest money.  It's not my only investment account, but it's the one that has me putting money away without thinking about it.  I'll tell you how I did with Acorns from about February 2019 to February 2021.  

But first, just to throw an extra incentive out there for you (and me), if you sign up for Acorns with my affiliate link:

...I'll pay you $50, as long as at least four people or more sign up.

Grow Small Change into Big Investments with Acorns

If you’ve ever done well in the stock market, you know how satisfying it can be to watch your money that is invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other, grow over time.  But what if you don’t have enough money to even open a brokerage account, and don’t know a lot about stocks or the market?  

Not to worry! That;s where the app called “Acorns” comes in -- which will automatically take small amounts of your money from your bank account at recurring intervals (mine is every two weeks; I believe that's the standard period) and invest it for you.  

How does it work? Well, after your initial sign-up, linking it to your bank account, it does things like “round-ups,” where if you make a purchase at a store, and spend $24.50, for example, Acorns will round it up to the nearest dollar and put that 50 cents in your investment account. And then, of course, it invests the money it grabs from your bank account regularly.

How Well Did I Do in Two Years?

I started with a very small amount, about $20 or so, back in March 2019.

As of this week, the week of February 8, 2021, that small start has grown to $2754.04. (Note: I did withdraw a small amount of cash at one point, so the amount I actually have is less than that, but that's the amount it grew to in that time).

Today I got a note that I was up in the market about $380.


Acorns invests in what’s known as “ETFs,” or exchange-traded funds. But you can also set your portfolio to how safe or aggressive you want to be.

I have mine set at moderately aggressive.

Make "Free" Money When You Refer People 

Now, another fun way to make money with Acorns is to earn bucks by referring people to them. 

Every so often they will email you with an offer like “Make $400 if you get 4 of your friends to invest with us.” (See image above).

You can then click on that link in that email, and it will give you another link you can use to email someone, post on a blog (like I’m doing), tweet, etc. 

We all know there are more than enough ways to “share” things these days, with social media!

They also have a deal where you can get $5 for any friend or person you direct to them who deposits $5 themselves.

So, that's my review of the Acorns app. Two thumbs up! ;) 

Thanks for reading. Now go grab that free money! :) 


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