Saturday, July 24, 2010

The eBay Fall Seller Update

Here is the email I received from eBay with info about the Fall Seller Update, in case you missed it:

Fall Seller Update: Sell more this holiday season 

Dear juliawww: 

With the 2010 Holiday selling season just around the corner, updates are
coming this fall to help you take full advantage of the increased holiday
traffic, maximize sales, and streamline your operations. As promised,
we're continuing to consolidate changes that impact you into two or
three releases per year with lead time to adapt. This is the third and
final release for 2010.

Updates to help you stay on top of holiday sales

New Listing Analytics application:
 Monitor your listing 
performance and
sales and spot needed adjustments.

More bulk editing functionality:
 Adjust price, accept returns,
edit descriptions, and more.

Unpaid Item Assistant update:
 Get inventory back on the shelf fast
with auto-relist; exempt your preferred buyers.

Unpaid Item Assistant
 will be turned on automatically for all

Shipping updates to help you improve service, reduce buyer questions

Industry-standard shipping terms
 prominently displayed with estimated
delivery: Economy, Standard, Expedited, and One-day

What this means for you: All the current shipping services will be 
mapped automatically to the four new classifications. Your listings 
with "Standard Flat-rate" will be mapped to the new "Standard", 
and listings with "Other" will be mapped to the new "Economy." 
Check your listings with these two services specified to make 
sure the estimated delivery time is still accurate. Get details.
Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, US Protectorates, and APO/FPO addresses: Show exact rates based on the location 
or exclude these buyers.
Pass on your shipping discounts to buyers with the
Shipping Calculator: Specify one domestic and one international 
Low-cost shipping insurance: Available exclusively with eBay 
label printing.

Streamline buyer communications

Updates to reduce and manage buyer contacts:
 Ask a question
down on item page; Automated Answers turned on for all sellers.

Enhancements to My Messages:
 Use it as your central inbox for
 buyer emails with out-of-office reply, customized email signatures,
and message filtering.

Category and Item Specifics changes
 are also consolidated
with rest of updates. Find out if your listings are impacted.

Get details on the 2010 Fall Seller Update. 

For more insight, you're also invited to Talk with members of my
staff during thenext two days on a 
special discussion board we've
set up for this purpose.

Join me and other leaders from eBay in a Town Hall meeting on 
Wednesday, July 14.

Check the Announcement Board for more
 details coming soon. 

Take part in the upcoming webinar on Thursday, July 15.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

Dinesh Lathi
Vice President
Seller and Buyer Experience

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tips for Finding New with Tags Items at Yard Sales

Friend and reader Susan (who has a great blog about her weight loss and eBaying at found a great new-with-tags swimsuit at a thrift store and it got me to thinking about how you can often find "new with tags" ("NWT" in eBay parlance) items. I'm going to give some tips on what to look for and how to find them but first, Susan's find:

Bathing_Suit_Pic_2"Hi Julia,

This just sold yesterday. I bought it at my new favorite thrift store for a $1.00 and sold it for 15.00. How cool is that? It's the time of year again where summer items are really in demand and this just caught my eye being so bold and all. Swim suits should be new though who wants to buy a used one yuck..."

LOL. Neat find! Of course you can find new with tags items at thrift stores as well. But I probably have the best luck finding them at estate sales. I think that's because many of us buy some things new, then stash them in the closet or trunk and forget about them, or just never get to wearing them.

Keep your eye out for:

- new sheets, tablecloths and napkins in the linen closet at estate sales. You can often get a new sheet set for a song. I've found shrinkwrapped Williams Sonoma cotton napkins at sales.

- new clothing in the closet. You have to comb through things carefully, one at a time. Just a glance at the closet rod won't do.

This past summer, I bought one of my favorite tops at a yard sale, black and white with rounded sleeves, new with tags, from INC, International Concepts Design. I paid a fraction of retail.

I also found a new BCBG Max Azria dress that had been priced at over $300 new. I paid around $30 for it..more than most yard sale prices, but only about 10% of the original price.

Another good area to look:

- in the living room, basement and bedrooms for shrinkwrapped cd's and games. These can be easily sold on and even shipped to amazon using their fba (fulfillment by amazon) program.

(It's actually a lot easier to spot new cd's in a long row of cd's on a shelf or bookcase..just look for that flash of shiny clear plastic on the spine).

So when you're out trolling sales this weekend, make a sport of keeping your eyes peeled for those tags. And as we move toward the end of the summer, don't forget to check retail stores for their "clearance" bins as well..sometimes the savings can be as good as at yard sales. You may score a brand new swimsuit like Susan did!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Whole Yard Sale in a Kit

The "All-in-One Yard Sale Kit" is something I think should have been around before now. All you need for your yard sale in one shrinkwrapped rectangle. Someone sent it to me and I just got a chance to open it up and check it out:


The kit features one really big yellow sign (above), four yard sale signs (upper right, in a stack), 10 slotted tags with plastic loops, 20 item price signs, 5 sheets of price stickers, 2 sheets of double-sided tape strips, 50 small sticky hang tags, and 10 large white adhesive hang tags.

I've been to many sales with poor signage. These signs are just the right size and super colorful. Also, you could potentially reuse them if you use erasable markers. They're sturdy enough that they won't bend in the wind or fold over.

I think this kit is an idea whose time has come. My one suggestion for the makers -- and I'll have to check with them to see if this is not already the case -- is to make the signs waterproof...because often enough you find that it rains between the time the signs are posted and the sale itself. Or between the sale and when you get to taking the signs down.

But overall I think this is a convenient product that will be well worth it for anyone giving a yard or garage sale.