Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Auction Sniper App for iPhone, iPad is Live

Hey all you snipers! (And as many of us know, the only way we can win an item with a lot of bidders on eBay is by sniping)...the AuctionSniper iPhone/iPad/iPad Touch app is live. Details below, from the co.:

It's here! The Auction Sniper app for iOS is live and ready for download.

Auction Sniper for iOS provides a streamlined, mobile experience for placing snipes and winning eBay auctions.

Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can import eBay watches, and place, edit and delete snipes. You can also receive notifications via e-mail or SMS directly on the iPhone.

The Auction Sniper app is free to download - download it in iTunes today.
If you are already using it, please leave us a review.

Happy Sniping!
The Auction Sniper Team


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