Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bumping Up Against eBay's Seller Limits

If you sell high-end items on eBay, or any kind of item that has "fake" or counterfeit versions of it out there in the world, you're likely to bump up against eBay's seller limits.

This happened to me recently with some Meissen porcelain and also some Gucci belts I was selling. eBay says all sellers will encounter restrictions with these kinds of items, but I was also told I could appeal to have my selling limits increased after a certain timeframe had passed.

I couldn't list any more Meissen for 30 days, but after that period I could try to list more, and appeal to have the limits increased. An eBay rep in the help chat told me they used various factors to assess limits, including a seller's account history -- if they have any recent violations, for example.

In researching seller limits, I came across a new auction site called ImageChic, at  -- from mypoupette, who is known as a seller of authentic Louis Vuitton and other luxury items on eBay. She also has an authentication service which a number of ebay sellers appear to be using to gain credibility.

Have you come across eBay's selling limits? Post a comment here.