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How to Get the Top Out-of-Stock Products List from

A reader asked me how to get the out-of-stock products list for amazon sellers -- i.e. the list of items people currently want on the site but that are not currently available. These are products amazon would naturally like sellers to list asap.

This one is easy -- they simply email it to you as a seller. I have two seller accounts and I receive this list regularly. As far as I know, all sellers, whether they have a pro merchant account or regular account, get the list, but if I find out otherwise, I will post here. (Please see my previous post, which has this information).

I also regularly post these lists (or sometimes excerpts of these lists) here on my blog.

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October 21, 2010


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top Movies People Want But Can't Have

What are the movies on dvd people are chomping at the bit to own but that they can't because they are out of stock on

Amazon sends us these nice little updates, and as sellers it behooves us to pay attention to keep our eyes out for these hard-to-find items.

I did a little digging to see what these were and why they are so highly coveted.

(OK, admittedly some of the films are a little racy, but there you have it).

Here's a list of the top 50 with some of my commentary in brackets:

Song of the South

[This is an old Disney movie ("Well Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder"), now looks pretty politically incorrect, hence hard to find].


Transformers [Blu-ray]

[sci-fi movie w/ Shia LaBeouf]

Are You Afraid of the Dark? - The Complete Firs...


From a reader review: "Arguably the best of Nick At Night. This series was written extremely well, and it shows in the longevity, sheer success and growing interest people have in the sets....
In fact, AYAOTD is so good, one could call it a golden stepchild of shows like Twilight Zone..."] 

David Garrett: Live In Berlin

[ I had never heard of this guy, but apparently the rest of the world is crazy about him. From a reader review: "In the US, we are latecomers to his talent. You can surf the net and read the news from across the world and David Garrett makes headlines. I don't know that anyone else could have me put on the "Summer" (Vivaldi) track and turn the volume way up. Just about everyone has heard "Dueling Banjos" (the Deliverance soundtrack), but they have never heard it like this..."]

In Europe and Asia, this guy fills stadiums because his sound is powerful, beautiful, and enchanting."

GOOD EATS 12-Pack Alton Brown DVD's Food Networ...


[Food Network star Alton Brown; "

It's cooking meets chemistry meets science class meets recess. Mix in his quirky personality and random jabs at pop culture and you have great TV. Or as Alton says 'Good Eats!"]

Hey Arnold! Season 3 (6 Disc Set)

[Nickelodeon toon from the 90s. Per one reviewer, "Here's the 3rd Season we've been waiting for. It seems this third volume is being released after four and five because it contains near twice as many episodes as seasons four and five."]

Blackzillian Booties

[Um...this is kinda what you'd expect it to be.]

Ladies and Gentlemen... the Rolling Stones



[From what I can deduce this is an Indian comedy spoofing the Indian education system...looks like it would be funny if I could understand it].

Live From Amsterdam [Blu-ray]

NOVA: Secret of the Wild Child

["This is perhaps one of the most important stories in the field of Child Development. Not only does it illustrate a story of unimaginable child abuse and provide unparalleled insight into the effects of social isoloation on the psychological and mental development of humans, but it also reveals the darker side of science -- a part so driven by notoriety and money that it ends up abusing Genie over and over. "]

The Expert Guide to Oral Sex, Part 1: Cunnilingus

Are You Afraid of The Dark? seasons 1/2/3/4/5/6...

2 Million Minutes: A Documentary Calculating th...

["Two Million Minutes - an intriguing look at how the three superpowers of the 21st Century - China, India and the United States - are preparing their students for the future."]

Walt Disney Collectible Classics Box Set - 10 W...

The Wizard of Oz [Import] [All-region]

Superbook Volume #1

[Animated episodes explain Bible stories to children, e.g. "My Brother's Keeper - Chris, Joy and Gizmo meet Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve. The travelers witness a jealous Cain who kills Abel, and then gets punished."]

Are You Afraid of The Dark? - (Box Set) The Com...

Ginger Snaps - The Trilogy (special Collector's...

[Twilight-esque saga: "...A hunger that began on the frontier in the 19th century, where Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald search for sanctuary from the shocking evil at the gate and experience the first bite."]

Restorative Yoga

As Is Magazine Presents: The BMF

[Story of a "Black Mafia"]

Twilight's Last Gleaming


Walt Disney Classic Cartoon Favorites Gift Set:...

Rachel and the Stranger

[A vintage movie based on "antiquated mores": "In the olden days, there were white slaves as well as black. Rachel And The Stranger may be the only movie to explore that topic, though lightly...William Holden (Bridge on the River Kwai) is a widower trying to raise his young a cabin in the wilderness. On the advice of the parson in a nearby town, he marrys a bond slave played by Loretta Young (The Bishop's Wife), buying her out of servitude."]

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin: Come Dream With...

This Ain't Dancing with the Stars XXX (Bluray) DVD

Young and Dangerous the Complete DVD Movie Box Set

My First Porn 1 - Digital Playground

This Ain't Star Trek XXX [Blu-ray]

Unico: Unico in the Island of Magic


Unico: The Fantastic Adventures of Unico

PoleCats I: Beginning Pole Dancing

CLINTON ANDERSON- Downunder Horsemanship- Gaini...

The Crash Pad

Cuba: An African Odyssey

Shriek Show Presents: Psycho Killers Triple Fea...

Miyazaki 13 Pack (Castle in the Sky/Kiki's Deli...

Miyazaki 6 Pack (Castle in the Sky/Kiki's Deliv...

Are You Afraid of The Dark? Season 5

Inuyasha TV Series Collection (1-167 + Movies)

Naruto Movie 5 Shippuden : Bonds


James - Getting Away with It... Live

 [Another one I hadn't heard of. This is an English band called "too damn good for the average, American record-buyer" by one amazon reviewer. "Musically and lyrically, they are, without a doubt, one of the finest bands of the 90's (though they emerged in the 80's, they really hit their stride in the early 90's)."

"This concert, in their hometown of Manchester, was taped on the last night of their final tour with lead-singer, Tim Booth. What you will see here is a tremendously talented group of musicians performing highlights from an extremely impressive catalog of songs."]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Internet Selling King Has Marked Down His List-Building Class

Looking to build your mailing list? Who isn't in this Internet-crazed, web-site rife time we live in?

One of the most successful, and also I must say decent and honest business people on the web (I know him personally) has just marked down his list building course to $50 from $150. 

Click Here! to get the course.

You can get it by clicking my affiliate link above, which Jim has offered for a limited time. In it, Jim explains how he's gone from 0 email list followers to over 100,000. I plan to get it and use it myself.

Much success to you!   

 Pic: Jim and I at an eBay Live convention.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hot-Selling Toys on eBay and How You Can Cash in on Them

Wouldn't it be nice to *make* a bunch of money this year on toys, instead of spending it? (OK so we probably all are going to spend on our kids, nieces, nephews etc..but what if while you were out shopping you could pick up the right things to flip on eBay, amazon and other sites?
Toy selling expert Jenni Hunt has been producing an excellent series of reports every year about doing just that. She really does her research and analyzes all the top toys every year, where to source them, and exactly how to list them.

Click Here for More Info!

I highly recommend her reportsand her annual toy guide.
As she says, you can't afford *not* to sell toys this year!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Of Flowbees, $2600 Perfume Bottles, and Other Great Things to Sell on eBay: A Collectibles Blog

One of my Yard Salers newsletter readers, Amy, has a great new blog where she posts about cool under-the-radar things to sell on eBay: Among the things she mentions are Flowbees (funky old haircutting devices), American Girl dolls, and vintage perfume bottles.

Her eBay Store is called Collectibilities.

Amy was also the winner of one of my "Flips" contests, where her vintage perfume bottle, picked up for $2, went for a whopping $2651 on eBay!


You can read more about that and other flips from the contest here: 

Or buy the compendium of flips at:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Alcoholic and AA Books Can Reap Big Bucks

If you're selling books on and eBay, keep your eye out for those AA and other books geared toward alcoholics and families of alcoholics.

I recently listed an Al-Anon book (for families of alcoholics) and it sold on amazon the next day:

Ala non

Of course, the best known alcoholic-related book is the AA "big book," the AA Bible. A first edition recently sold on eBay for $255, but more recent editions sell for decent money too.

Here's a second edition that sold for $38.85. 



You can find this book everywhere: thrift stores, yard sales, charity shops, estate sales. 

It's little wonder these books sell so well when alcoholism touches so many of our lives. I would bet everyone in the US knows at least one person in their extended family who is an alcoholic.

So keep your eye out for these books wherever you go. They're usually an easy turnaround.


Interested in other books that sell for big bucks? Download my ebook, Over 500 Books that Sell for $50-$5000 on eBay:

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Prize Announced for Next Yard Salers Flips Contest: Starting an iPhone Application Business For Dummies

New Prize Announced for Next Yard Salers Flips Contest: Starting an iPhone
Application Business For Dummies:

Enter the next Yard Salers Flips Contest and you could win a free
copy of this book by my friend Joel Elad, and co-authors Aaron Nicholson and
Damien Stolarz.

To enter the contest, simply email me at the story of something you
"flipped" on eBay, amazon, or another site -- meaning you
bought it at a low price and sold it at a considerably higher