Sunday, December 27, 2015

When They Stop Making the Products You Love

Have you ever had a product you love go obsolete? This seems to be a recurrent problem with me, dating back to such staples of the 1970s as "Big Buddy gum and the inimitable "Fortified Oat Flakes."

Above, a screen shot from Googling "Big Buddy Gum"; the main image above is from The Interrobang - "The 5: Missing Chews."

Above: there's actually a Facebook group asking the Post Co. to bring back "Fortified Oat Flakes."

Most recently, one of my favorite coffee flavors, Godiva's "Chocolate Creme," was replaced by the (imho) inferior "Chocolate Truffle." Oh it sounds good and chocolatey enough, but to my coffee palate it has an over-sweet, chalky, inorganic taste to it.

Another cereal brand I used to love (as did a rommate of mine at college -- they used to serve it in the "O-Hill" dining hall at U. Va.), Corn Bran, went bye-bye- quite a while ago.

What about candy bars? I used to love "Choco-Lite," with its crunchy but also light and airy texture. (I think that one's gone, but I'll have to double-check.

I also miss the old Dannon Yogirt "fruit on the bottom" lowfat (as in 2% or 4%) cups. Now it seems to be all about "nonfat" yogurt, which is so thin and tasteless as to not be worth the trade in fat. (Which, anyway, can be a good fat and not a bad one when it comes to yogurt).

And don't even get me started on the light brown M&M. 

What about you? Are there any products - be it food or other - you miss, and wish they'd make again?