Tuesday, March 20, 2007

eBay's What's It Worth Sweepstakes: The Price Is Right?

This is going to be a short post today. I played eBay's new "What's It Worth?" Sweepstakes and had fun doing it, though I must say it was not easy picking the correct prices for some of the stuff.  It also seemed like a lot of the prices were the same. Like a lot of the things cost $440 or so.  Or $34.  In any case, there were a lot of 4's. (As my high school history teacher once said about math, "The answer is six.").

For someone who wrote a book called "The eBay Price Guide," though, it's right up my alley. And even if you guess wrong, you still get an entry in the sweepstakes. (Did I mention I like sweepstakes?).  Try your hand at it if you get a chance.

Off-topic (OT): Who are all the people voting for Sanjaya on American Idol?  Well, they're people like me. There, I said it. Yes, he seems like a sweet kid, he has a pleasant voice, he doesn't oversing the songs like so many contestants, and yeah, he has nice hair, but people really need to stop picking on his hair.

And isn't part of the competition supposed to be about commercial appeal?  As Peter Noone (of the Brit band "Herman's Hermits" fame) said, it's not ultimately a singing competition, it's a voting competition.

Speaking of Sanjaya and eBay, how many items are listed on eBay with "Sanjaya" in the title right now? 28. Curiously enough, one of the items with a bid is a pair of socks with his picture on them ($5.99). Aother, not so curiously, is a button ($0.99).

Oh yes, I want to mention I was also on the radio in Texas this morning, with "The Mayor of Commonsenseville" Jeff Bolton  on KLIF -- at http://www.klif.com. Jeff had been having problems with what seemed like shill bidding, so I talked a bit about that and also steered him to an automated auction service like auctionsniper.com. I'll blog more about that radio interview later. Thanks for having me on, Jeff!