Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Why I Love These Game-Changing Comfortable, Stylish Shoes by Vivaia

I decided to take the leap and order a pair of low heeled mules by Vivaia, a company that advertises its shoes as comfortable and stylish at the same time. Boy do I love these shoes! The pair I got is a wondeful fuzzy fabric top, and a cushioned bottom with a low heel that gives me just enough extra height. They're casual, but dressy enough for work. I got the square toe style, which I recommend if you have issues with toe crowding, like I have since I got older, which can lead to bunions.
These particular mules are called the "Margot" style..you can also get them in a plain fabric and in different colors. Check for any discount codes or specials...as a first-time costomer, you'll often get a special break on price...or check sales at different times of the year such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (They're normally $97, but I got them on sale for $79).
I'm starting with a couple pairs of Vivaia mules, because I've also had trouble with heels rubbing against the backs of my feet and causing blisters. But I plan to try some of their boots and closed-heel shoes too, and see if the comfort factor prevents that from happening. For now, I'm loving these fuzzy open-backed wonders!