Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Makeup So Good It Practically Jumps on Your Face

I haven’t written many reviews here but I’m going to start. 

I recently purchased a new eyeshadow palette, by a new company I hadn’t heard of before, called “Too Faced.” I thought the double-entendre was cute, and the reviews were good. 
So here’s mine.
I love this luscious little palette. One of the things I love so much is it smells divine, like coconut. But the colors are the right blend, too.
It’s a great “nude” palette (don’t get all excited; nude is not the same thing as Naked; especially since there’s another product by that name).
The product itself has a nice, smooth feel, with curved plastic and the writing in gold. There’s a little heart closure, like a purse.

And the colors! “The big three” of mine - a tawny beige/brown - “strip poker”; a rosy beige blending color, and a very light beige to brighten.
Then there are six different shades of light brown to chocolate for the contrast and the lids and creases.
I like the mirror that is on the top part when it opens, too. Methinks all it needs is a brush. Fortunately I haveone, from my old Naked palette. So that’s my only suggestion. Very happy with this little coconut concoction of color.