Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seven eBay Selling Tips for 2010

The below guest blog comes to Bidbits courtesy of Michelle Strassburg, co-founder at www.WoodandBeyond.com, sellers of solid oak worktops products. Enjoy! - Julia

Seven eBay Selling
Tips for 2010


started selling on eBay a few years ago, but until recent months
, sales from our eBay store
haven't really met their full potential. During the last few months, we made
countless changes and tweaks to our eBay offer. Some worked, some completely
failed and some are still left hanging in the air.  Here are 7 eBay
selling tips which worked for us.

1. Consider selling a sample - If
you're selling a non
-branded product or your own brand isn't known yet,
some buyers might want
to establish its quality before buying. Consider
offering a sample product by charging buyers a small nominal amount. Following
the sample purchase
, the key is to follow up with buyers and even
consider deducting the price of the sample from their purchase.


2. Invest in quality eBay store product
- Design goes a long way in terms of converting more visitors to
buyers. It's true for your own standalone website and it's also true for your
eBay offer.
 Invest in a product
template design which is both pleasing to the eye and includes your call to

3. Make your descriptions informative -
When it comes to product description, you should aim to give buyers all the
information they might need to complete the purchase. If the information isn't
clear, some will take the time to get in touch, but some will simply go
elsewhere. To make the description informative
, list all the product features, conditions, terms
of sales, delivery information
, and look at your competitors to see if they offer
other bits of information which you have forgotten.

4. Accept multiple payment options -
Although most eBay users are quite happy to pay via PayPal, some might want to
pay over the phone or even by check. To make your offer appealing for all types
of buyers, accept multiple payment options especially by phone.

5. Price compare on a regular basis
- Right pricing is essential for selling well on eBay. Take the time to compare
your prices vs
. your eBay competitors on a
regular basis, even on a daily basis to ensure you keep your competitive edge.

6. Use high quality imagery - Often
buyers will try to visualize how the item might look when they get it. High
quality images will help achieve this and aid in the product sale.  

7. Offer product promotions - When
your market on eBay is very competitive and you've done all you can do,
sometimes the answer is to use product promotions. Promotions could include
upgraded delivery method, free gift with every purchase, free delivery, buy one
get one free and more. The key is to keep finding and maintaining a competitive
advantage over your competitors.

Good luck with your eBay sales for 2010.

- - -

Guest article by Michelle Strassburg, Co-Founder at www.WoodandBeyond.com, sellers of solid oak worktops products.
Together with selling on its online store, Wood and Beyond also sells its
products on eBay.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just found out about a fun new site for finding yard sales... http://YardSaleFrog.com . Currently it's covering Tennessee, but they plan to add more of the South soon.