Wednesday, February 19, 2014

US Post Office Runs a Kind of "Lottery" with New "Inverted Jenny" Stamps - Might Your Sheet Be a Winner?

The US Post Office is running a kind of lottery.

To celebrate the famous, rare, "inverted Jenny" stamps, which were only one sheet of original
misprinted stamps (where the "Curtis Jenny" plane was printed upside down instead of right-side up) that were sold in 1918, the Post Office came up with a fun idea. (Goodness knows, they could use ideas to make money!).

Each individual original "Inverted Jenny" from 1918 now sells for around one million dollars. (The sheet was long since broken up into individual stamps or groupings).

But with the new reissued "Jennys," the key is finding the right-side up ones!

The USPS issued all the new sheets with the Jenny planes upside down, as a commemorative edition, and only 100 sheets apparently have the right-side up planes.

They are sold sealed, so you can be sure they weren't tampered with.

Open one up, and see if you get the "new" inverted-inverted Jenny, which is actually right-side up!

Below is a scan of the sealed sheet I bought today at my local post office (they only had one left):

Here is a good article about the original "Inverted Jenny" and that lucky first buyer of the sheet.