Thursday, October 27, 2011

What eBay Could Learn from Herman Cain

What could eBay learn from Herman Cain? How about requiring their executives, or even better, every employee, to regularly buy and sell on the site? (Yes, it's not enough to just buy. They need to sell; even if it's just one item a week).

Apparently, according to a recent Washington Post article, “It was nothing for him to jump back there in the kitchen, take off his jacket, roll up his sleeves and start making pizza,” said a former colleague named Wiggins, "who like other executives was required by Cain to spend two weeks a year working in a God­father’s storefront."

 “He expected us all to do that," Wiggins said.

Being "in the trenches" could give eBay employees a real feel for the challenges facing their sellers as well as what works to appeal to buyers. But the former is a lot harder than the latter. 

Just a thought! Link to the Post piece is below:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Amazon Testing Crediting Sellers $6 More for International Shipping on Items 1 lb. or More

Dear Seller,
We are excited to announce that we are testing a change to our shipping credit policy for qualifying international book shipments.
During this time, buyers will pay an additional $6 for any book weighing one pound or more that is shipped internationally from the US. The additional $6 will be credited to the Seller to help cover the costs of international shipping.
We hope that this additional shipping credit will encourage sellers to make more books available to international buyers, and we will evaluate whether to extend this test based on both Seller and Buyer response.
Amazon Services

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Improvements Coming from Etsy

Just got this note from Etsy about improvements to the marketplace, including more social media integration.

Hi there,
Greetings from your friends at Etsy.
As you know, Etsy is a marketplace, but we're also a community. We are artisans and artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers - and we're over 10 million strong! As the community grows, we are constantly working to provide new and easier ways to shop, sell and communicate. We'd like to take a moment of your time and share some of the ways we are doing just that. Some of these changes relate to the information we collect from you, and how we use it. We've detailed the changes that will be made in the next 14 days in a blog post and in our updated Privacy Policy.
More Relevant Communication
Many of you have asked to hear more about improvements we're making to Etsy. So from now on, we're planning to let you know when we introduce features that you might like, and if you are an Etsy shop owner, tips on improving your shop. If you'd like to change these email preferences, or sign up for other newsletters that interest you, go to your Etsy Account.
Deeper Integration With Your Social Network
From what we hear, these social networks are pretty popular these days. That's why we are rolling out improvements in the coming months that will help you connect your world on Facebook and Twitter with your world on Etsy. In order to support services powered by third parties like Facebook and Twitter we are expanding the information we share with them.
A New Way to Promote Your Shop
As you may have heard, we recently launched Etsy Search Ads, a new way for you to promote your shop within the Etsy marketplace. When you sign up for Search Ads, you'll see your items highlighted on Etsy's search results pages. You control your budget, and you will see your results - you can track your performance with a module at the bottom of the Shop Stats page. Learn more about Search Adshere.
Your Brand On Etsy
You've been asking for it, and it's finally here. Starting next week, you can change your shop name if you wish. We'll also increase your visibility as a shop owner by displaying your full name (or username if you prefer) across the site along with your shop name and link.Find out more about this change.
We're pretty excited about all this, and we hope you are too. By being part of Etsy, you are changing the world for the better every day. And for that, we are incredibly grateful.
Much love,
Your friends at Etsy