Saturday, November 3, 2018

Alek Wek in a Chanel Blouse, VOGUE September 2018 Issue

I love this classic Chanel blouse, with its whimsical "tie," as worn by model Alek Wek.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Remembering David Bowie in an Early Online Interview

Like many people, I was devastated to learn that artist and rock star David Bowie passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer. However a clue was served up when I was noodling around on Youtube and came across a new song he had recently released that was very melancholy, in the imagery as well as the tune and words.

His music was a  soundtrack to many of my favorite years; in high school, it was "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust" and "ChangesOneBowie," the latter which my brother used to play frequently.

Then I remembered today the connection I had to Bowie, as brief and obscure as it may have been at the time, besides being a big fan.

Bowie was one of the earliest "famous people" online conferences I moderated for AOL (America Online). What I recall of the chat was that in the end, he praised the online medium and typed (I'm paraphrasing by memory), "I shall conduct all my interviews in the future in this medium."

I slipped in one sneaky personal question about his life with wife, the model Iman, but he didn't answer it. Even as someone who led a public life, in one sense, seemed to regard his privacy highly.

This was confirmed by his keeping his cancer secret for what I've heard reported was at least 18 months.

Some of my favorite Bowie songs are the ones that didn't get too much play, like "Five Years." Another was "Life on Mars," which I thought was just totally amazing -- and someone else must have liked it, because it showed up being sung on "American Horror Story" by Jessica Lange.

David Bowie, you will be hugely missed.

What songs of Bowie's did you like best? Post a comment here!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

When They Stop Making the Products You Love

Have you ever had a product you love go obsolete? This seems to be a recurrent problem with me, dating back to such staples of the 1970s as "Big Buddy gum and the inimitable "Fortified Oat Flakes."

Above, a screen shot from Googling "Big Buddy Gum"; the main image above is from The Interrobang - "The 5: Missing Chews."

Above: there's actually a Facebook group asking the Post Co. to bring back "Fortified Oat Flakes."

Most recently, one of my favorite coffee flavors, Godiva's "Chocolate Creme," was replaced by the (imho) inferior "Chocolate Truffle." Oh it sounds good and chocolatey enough, but to my coffee palate it has an over-sweet, chalky, inorganic taste to it.

Another cereal brand I used to love (as did a rommate of mine at college -- they used to serve it in the "O-Hill" dining hall at U. Va.), Corn Bran, went bye-bye- quite a while ago.

What about candy bars? I used to love "Choco-Lite," with its crunchy but also light and airy texture. (I think that one's gone, but I'll have to double-check.

I also miss the old Dannon Yogirt "fruit on the bottom" lowfat (as in 2% or 4%) cups. Now it seems to be all about "nonfat" yogurt, which is so thin and tasteless as to not be worth the trade in fat. (Which, anyway, can be a good fat and not a bad one when it comes to yogurt).

And don't even get me started on the light brown M&M. 

What about you? Are there any products - be it food or other - you miss, and wish they'd make again?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Found This Super-Colorful but Serious Set of Books Yet Again for a Cool $86

I found this set of books yet again. I'm writing about it here to let other booksellers know about it and also, well, frankly, to help plug my book of such items I find regularly that make me $50-$100.

On these, after Amazon fees, I made: $86.70

Ship by: 09/15/2015
Item: The Story of Civilization (11 Volume Set) [Hardcover] [1993] Will Durant; Ariel Durant
Condition: Used - Good
Condition note: 10 Volumes of the Simon and Schuster 1954 Set; 11th Book is Missing, but all dust jackets are intact, but some faded and chipped; and still makes a handsome set!
Listing ID: 0826P8OVNYI
Quantity: 1
Order date: 09/11/2015
Price: $98.90
Shipping: $3.99
Amazon fees: -$16.19
Your earnings: $86.70

But first, let's talk about this book set. It's a classic, written by both Will and Ariel Durant, a married couple who must have really liked each other to work all day together, lol. No, just kidding, I know some couples who pull that off.

If you read this whole set, you will know just about anything and can be the most fun know-it-all at dinner parties.

It really is colorful; it looks like this (a snapshot of it how one listing of it looks on as of today):

Notice how the *lowest* price here...the lowest! is $98.98

Come to think of my, my $86 sale actually was a set with one of the 11 books missing. So that probably would have gone into the $90 dollar range if it had that.

But, that also tells us that if you find bits and pieces of this set, at yard sales or whatnot, you should still buy them. You'll probably come across the rest of them soon.

Well, that's enough for today's story.

And, if you do want to buy my book, which explains the items I find the most and make the best money on (both of those two things together, that is, not one or the other), learn more bout it and buy it if you want from here: or go to

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I've just updated one of my best-selling ebooks, "Flip It Again"! It's now "20 Common Items You Can Sell (and Resell) for $50 and Up," not just 10 items.

You can read more and buy it at this page.

Here's more info about it, from that page:

NEW! Flip It Again, Version 2.0: 20 Common Items You Can Sell (and Resell Again and Again) for $50 & Up

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After 12 years of selling online, I've developed a roster of all-star, "under the radar" items that are often passed over by other sellers. Some of them are unassuming looking, others are more in-your-face, but they are my favorite things to find and sell again and again and again.
I've thought off and on over the years of compiling them into one ebook, but was hesitant to divulge all these gems in one place. But then I realized there are plenty of sales to go around and I want to share these tips with my loyal readers, and attract even more readers. 
So now, for the first time, you can find out about these items. Things like:
I have seen this particular item at sales too many times to count, and also sold it more times than I can remember. It's one of my all-time favorite things to buy and resell, and for whatever reason, it's often left behind at estate and yard sales.
I'll show you what it is, how to recognize it on the shelf, and break down what versions of it sell for the most money.
This shiny red thing I have found anywhere and everywhere -- including at small curbside sales I normally would have passed over. Despite its bright redness, it often goes unpicked at many a shop and sale.
solid information about what to buy at yard sales
It's part of a genre of items which I will discuss, and what the rules of thumb are to reselling many things of this type for the most money. New Items Include:
Frequent Flips - yard sales
  • It's clear, it's beautiful, and it's known to sport a bird on top, but not always. It's highly collectible. The most rare and desirable ones recently sold on eBay for around $250 - $800. You may not find those, but you are likely to find, like me, versions of this that go for just under $50 to around $100. I'll tell you the places to look for it, including one place a lot of people don't think to or like to go. But once you realize where, you'll realize what a no-brainer it is. I'll also tell you about another thing like it to keep an eye out for, which also has a distinctive shape. And what could the Taj Mahal have to do with it? and find out! 
  • This next thing is really a type of thing. And I find them everywhere. They don't require scanners, unless you really feel like it; they always are worth reselling for me. There's just one disctinction that separates the "buys" from the "nahs" on these items, and it's super easy to suss out! (Well, ok, sometime you may need to look close up). I find them in a lot of places, un-picked, but I'll tell you where all to look. 
  • This next thing is another type of thing. Meaning you can find them in every type of usual sourcing venue. I can and I do! I'll tell you what they are, and why sometimes even their "old school" counterparts are worth grabbing. 
  • Then there are all the old favorites, including:
  • It's blue, it's "big," and it's highly collectible. The oldest ones recently sold for $300 - $810 on the 'Bay. You may not make that kind of dough on every one of these bad boys, but you can reasonably expect to make $35-$50 for many of the ones you are likely to find. It caters to a huge group of people, and that helps its popularity. I'll tell you where I've found it most often, and under what circumstances it's not worth plunking down your hard-earned jack. 
  • It's large...but not so large you can't haul it to your car without help. It comes with a little something extra...I'll tell you where to look for it and what it means for the price you'll get for this oversized gem.
  • Because of their design, these are tough to miss at a sale. And yet I have time and time again seen them sitting there on shelves, brightly colored wallflowers. What to look for in them so you can sell them for $79 - $495.
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