Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amazon Changing Its Long-Term Storage Fee

I just got the following letter from amazon.com re: changes being made to its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) long-term storage fee: In a nutshell, it's decreasing the fee from $45 per cubic foot to $22.50 per cubic foot, but will now charge it twice a year. (I'm scratching my head over that one; does it benefit them to spread out this charge somehow?)

Below is the letter:

Dear FBA Seller,

Fulfillment by Amazon's (FBA’s) next inventory cleanup will take place on February 15, 2012. As communicated previously, on that date, and each six months thereafter, FBA will assess an upfront, Long-Term Storage Fee on inventory that has been in our fulfillment centers for 365 days or more.

Please note the following changes to the Long-Term Storage Fee. The fee will be decreased effective February 15, 2012, from $45.00 per cubic foot to $22.50 per cubic foot, but will now be charged twice a year. However, Units that were charged a Long-Term Storage Fee on August 15, 2011, will not be charged a Long-Term Storage Fee on February 15, 2012.

Learn more about FBA Long-Term Storage.

To see a list of your inventory by age, as well as to begin the removal process, go to the Recommended Removals Report (sign in required). The data shown in this report is the authoritative source for Units of inventory that should be removed to avoid Long-Term Storage fee charges on February 15, 2012.

The Fulfillment by Amazon Team

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