Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Notes from eBay Live Orlando 2011: Store Tips

Yard Salers reader and eBay seller Susan Calderon recently attended the eBay Live Orlando conference. Here are her notes from a session led by Danna Crawford about getting the most out of your eBay Store:

"I took this really great class by Danna Crawford on eBay Stores. The class was a hour and a half, and there is so much stuff to a store, so it is hard to cover everything. Danna did an outstanding presentation! She is the founder of Virtual Online Learning and manages several Facebook groups for eBay sellers. "The power of eBay' is one' If you need more help than my notes can provide, please contact Danna; her eBay id is 'AskDanna.'

"The main highlights I got were: Make a Logo for your store
Store Logo = your brand

"Make sure you have set up in your store the following:
Store Search box
Store Categories that are search engine friendly
Left Navigation Bar
Promotional Boxes at the top on the landing page of your store (Great for Sales/Promotions)
Listing Header on all listings

"Check your store settings and make sure they are yes on Header, Cross Promotions, RSS Feeds.

"Inside your listings, make clickable links to 'Click here to add to your favorite sellers,' 'Click here to sign up for newsletter,' along with 'Click here to visit my

"With the store subscriptions comes the ability to print eBay marketing material - be sure and use this feature. It's found under the "marketing tools" section of manage my store. Click on 'promotional flyer'; you can customize and include these in your buyers packages if you like.

"Promote your store on your twitter feed; there is a free service you can sign up for on eBay called Froo, Smart Social.

*** The most important thing that Danna really drove home about stores was the area called your store description - this needs to be filled with google, bing, yahoo keywords that people use to search with to find your listings. These words will change often for most of us that sell a wide variety of changing items**. This is not the place for "welcome to my store," etc. etc.

"Manage my store keywords, optimize meta tags.

"Also suggested to get domain name for your store -- godaddy.com was the one mentioned.

"Use your customized pages: keep in mind they are searchable by the search engines too.

"Customize your emails that you send to your customers.

"For reference: pages.ebay.com/storestogo."

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