Monday, June 9, 2008

eBay shopping via widget in today's Journal

The Wall Street Journal has a big technology report section today, June 9, 2008: "All Things Digital."

eBay pops up in the section by Mylene Mangalindan about "Widget Shopping":

"Taking a page from social-networking sites, e-retailers are using widgets -- those little Web gizmos that track friends' favorite songs or deliver daily horoscopes -- to give customers a way to shop without going to the store's site.

"With a widget from eBay Inc., a customer can track the bidding on, say, collectible pottery from her Facebook page or personalized Google home page."

In truth, though I've had the eBay marketplace widget for a while on my facebook page, I hadn't used it much. I just took a gander at it today and was surprised to find it listed a bunch of stuff about my recent activities, feedback, and plus my facebook friends' eBay buying and selling.

Still trying to wrap my brain around the eBay to Go widget. I set up a "search," with it for Cole Haan air shoes, but I don't see where it went on my facebook page after that. (OK, so it's Monday, maybe I'm missing something).

So far it hasn't become, for me, the main way I use eBay, but time will tell.

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