Thursday, July 19, 2007

New ZipGarage Map Widget - Find a Garage Sale on the Map

Michael Carluen, co-founder of, has come out with a cool new widget tool -- I just posted it to the left-hand sidebar of this blog so check it out -- it's "a
nifty and simple widget appropriately called 'Map Widget
for Blogs.' "  Basically, he says, the widget is a just very small google-map
that contains all upcoming sales listed in ZipGarage.  "The small widget
can be placed anywhere in your website or blog. There is no programming
involved. It is as simple as cutting-and-pasting a short html tag� like
embedding a YouTube video or a photo into your blog or website�s html
page - that�s it!"

And so I did. Very cool, Michael!


As he points out, the widget allows you instant access to ZipGarage
sale data, across the US,
within blogs or websites.

For me, it's great because I run a web site called as well, and I try to keep my readers informed of tools like this. As Michael says, "I am hoping it�ll be a good service
to you and to all other garage/yard sale bloggers out there." I think it will be...thanks again, Michael.  Check it out, everyone.


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