Sunday, May 22, 2011

International Shipping Requirements Coming to eBay this August

eBay sellers who ship internationally: be prepared! There are new mandatory changes to shipping to certain countries coming this August 2011. While eBay says says sellers will have "the option to specify more international shipping carriers and costs" in listings starting in June, specifying "international shipping details on items offered to buyers in Australia, Canada and the UK will be required starting in August 2011."

So there will be certain information about international shipping required --  cost and carrier, specifically, according to the eBay Spring 2011 Seller update. But there is also a long list of suggested "best practices" for international eBay listings here:

Frankly, thinking about adding every one of those to each and every one of your eBay listings is enough to send some sellers screaming they are going to stay domestic. But, while the required elements of cost and carrier will be necessary come August, you don't need to add every one of those suggested practices right away. You could stagger the changes.

As for me, I plan to wait until early June to start revising my listings with the new information, because eBay's update indicated they will be giving us new fields or other tools to make those specifications.

Happy selling!

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