Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Adventures in Couponing: How to Get Free Extra Coupon Inserts

I'm continuing my adventures in couponing and sharing the tips, successes (and failures as well) with readers as I go along.

Today's tip: how to get free coupon inserts. Many "extreme couponers" buy multiple copies of the Sunday paper just to get extra coupon inserts. (In my area, they are called "Red Plum" and "SmartSource"). On TLC's "Extreme Couponing" show, one couponer said she buys four copies of every Sunday paper.

But the other day I came across an easy, free source for more coupon inserts -- your local free weekly paper! In my area we have at least two free weeklies, and when I picked up a copy of one recently I realized it had a whole coupon insert inside!

So now I plan to "mine" that source regularly going forward. I may still buy an extra copy of the Sunday paper, but I am planning to buy different newspapers, so I will not only have more coupon inserts, but I'll have new and interesting articles to read as well.

(I'm kind of a newspaper and magazine junkie...I currently subscribe to both The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, but as a concession to my husband I gave up my sub to USA Today. It was painful and I am still going through withdrawals. However I plan to get my USA Today fix on my new iPad).

Share your coupon acquisition tips (or even failures!) here!

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