Friday, March 25, 2011

A Different Kind of Garage Sale Finder site

I just added a new link to the Yard Salers web site at

It's called Garage Sale Finder...the logo is below, and an explanation of how it differs from other sites, courtesy of its founder, Valerie:

Garages Sale Finder Logo

"It's a mapping site of my own design, with some differences from the others out there: sales are color-coded by type of sale (multi-family, estate sale, group sale, etc.).
"And I include the whole country, not just major metropolitan areas. Visitors can print out turn-by-turn directions to the sales of their choice or even export the sale data to their personal GPS device.
"Listings come from online sources, such as craigslist and the major newspaper in my area, as well as individually submitted listings. Soon we'll also be importing listings from dozens of major newspapers across the country as well. Because of the organic nature of classified ads, we only import sales data that meets a strong accuracy check, so we don't send people on wild goose chases. (that's the equivalent of following an old sign, IMO!)"

So check it out when you get a chance. Hey wait; it's Friday! Yard sale prepping day..a perfect day to try it out.

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