Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where to Find New Golf Shirts to Sell on eBay

I've been reading the eBay Coach's new ebook, The Golf Shirt Bible - How to Profit Selling Golf Shirts on eBay (you can get your copy here),  and it's really opened my eyes to this niche. I've probably passed up hundreds of lovely golf shirts in new or new-with-tags condition over the years, because I wasn't looking for them.

I don't want to give out Suzanne's secrets, but I can tell you one place she and I both find the shirts is at thrift stores. Since I've been looking for the shirts, I've snagged 5 or 6 new with tags shirts that are good quality brands. Here's one I found the other day:

The brand is Fairway & Greene.That's how it looked laid out on the posterboard I often use as an eBay photo background. (Yes, the picture needs rotating..I wish blogger would let us rotate images).

This is one of several in that brand I have found. Next time you are out near a thrift store, check out their mens shirt racks and see if you can spy any in great condition or even new with tags.

Suzanne can tell you all about which brands, styles sell best, her best-selling shirt over the years, why you will sometimes find multiple new shirts of the same kind in one location, and more.


  1. Great post as always Julia! Thanks for the tips on selling golf shirts! When things settle down I plan to buy the ebook from you:) I put a post about your blog on my status today trying to spread the word. Bumping works for advertising your blog too.

  2. I flip the golf shirts too and have done very well with Nike and Bobby Jones. If the tag is attached, all the better! Dude @