Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can the Auction "Bump" Give Your Auctions a Lift?

I just discovered a fun new way to give auctions more views...it's known as the "bump." No, it's not the dance craze from the 70s; it's a simple way to list your auctions by item number on a popular web site, to boost their views and give them more of a fighting chance to get bids. The main site is at http://speedybump.com, and you can find out how to put a bump feed on your web site on their page at: http://speedybump.com/buyspeedybumpscript.php.

(Thanks to reader/eBay seller Susan, whose fitness blog is at http://susansjourneytokeepfit.blogspot.com).

Here's what the bump looks like - it's on Danna Crawford's PowerSellingMom.com web site (look on the left side):

You simply input your item # and your auction and a thumbnail photo gets added to the list of scrolling auctions on the side. Since I've been trying it out, I have one watcher on the auction I added. And there aren't so many auctions scrolling that yours won't get seen for a while; at least not as of this writing.

So give "the bump" a try and see if it bumps up your auctions.

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