Thursday, December 23, 2010

PayPal's Got a Faster New Checkout

It's about time, is what I say. I've been spoiled by amazon's one-click checkout. PayPal's got a new, faster checkout's the scoop from the site:

"Click. Pay. Bam – you’re done!
Why the new checkout?
You told us that our checkout experience needed to be more consistent – wherever PayPal is offered as a payment option. Plus, you wanted more information about your purchase every step of the way. Our new checkout gives you all this – and more.

When does the new checkout go live?
We’ll be rolling it out in phases. You’ll begin noticing the new checkout in May 2010, as a growing number of your favorite online stores make the switch. Since literally thousands of shopping destinations are affected, it’s going to take some time before every checkout experience resembles the one in the demo above. We expect most online stores that currently offer PayPal as a way to pay will feature the new checkout by next year.

How will the new checkout affect you?
It’s faster to use and much more seamless, with purchase details included on one page, making it a much more streamlined experience."


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