Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Shipping Most Effective Ecommerce Promotion Per Survey

 I knew free shipping was a good way to generate interest in my eBay listings..and especially helpful with lightweight items that can ship first class.

But I didn't know it could be pack this much punch: according to a recent survey with their ecommerce customers, 64 percent of respondents said that free shipping, with or without minimum spend, is the most effective promotion they can offer during the holiday season

The survey found some other interesting stats including:

n  - 53 percent will be offering free shipping  on more products this year compared to last holiday season. 
n  - 52 percent the survey respondents who use free shipping with minimum spend report their average order size increases by at least $4.
n  - Of merchants offering free shipping with a minimum spend, 66 percent of respondents require an order value of $50 or higher.
n-  - 82 percent of e-commerce merchants expect to have international sales.

Thanks to for providing these stats!

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