Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Evergreen Books that Sell Well on Amazon or eBay

Since I've been selling items on eBay and amazon, I've learned to spot a few things that jump out at me as no-brainers. In the book world, one area in which I focus, one of these is the bright red Betty Crocker cookbook known as the "red pie" cookbook. (I will write more about others in future blog posts).

It regularly sells for healthy amounts. Here's a snapshot of a few of the ones that recently sold on eBay:



As you can see, these sold for $50 and one for $66. And there was one that sold for more than that, not shown.

On amazon, there are 11 copies starting at (yes, that's *starting at*) $32.95 and going all the way up to $125.

But the nice thing about this book is it's not hard to find...you can see it often pop up at estate sales. yard sales, even thrift stores. It will be in varying conditions, but even the ones in just OK conditions sell pretty well.

(Why is it called "red pie"? Not because of an actual "red pie" food on the cover, tho there is a slice of pie on there; it's because the whole circle graphic on the cover is divided into pieces like a pie). Its actual name is simply the "Betty Crocker Cookbook," and in later years the cover got a redesign, but this red pie version is a favorite.

Why does it sell so well? It's one of those perennial favorites...a lot of people learned to cook with it, and now they are buying it for nostalgia or because they lost their copy, or to replace a worn-out one.

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