Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Action Figures that Sell for Crazy High Prices

With the holiday selling season coming up, I decided to dig up some price research for what toys are selling for the highest prices. Not just current toys, but vintage ones as well.

Let's look at action figures to start. What action figure on eBay recently sold for the most money? We're talking $20,000.

It's called a Manimal and it was in the GI Joe line for a brief time. This specific one is the rarest because he was recalled:



This specific Manimal, Vortex, "quite pathetically FAILED almost every child safety test thrown at it," according to toyarchive.com, "causing him to be dropped from the line if the line was to be produced."

"Vortex is the most sought after of these prototypes. In addition Spasma was rumored to have an added function of [squirting] water... These were going to be the next addition to the dying Gi Joe line. These toys would have brought some kids back, but Hasbro scraped the whole project and 3 inch line. These figures stand around 4 inches tall and are some of the best last series Joe figures."

There must be some die-hard GI Joe fans out there!

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