Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting Rid of Your Kids' Clutter? eBay Classifieds Donation Program

Anyone remember Kijiji? That's what eBay Classifieds used to call itself. I think the name change was a good move for them...much clearer, especially given not many folks are familiar with Swahili. I recently got this note about how much parents spend on baby and kids' stuff (having two, I can vouch they're expensive!) -- and also a new donation program eBay Classifieds is doing for every new ad posted in the For Sale category thru July 31:


"According to the survey, parents spent an average of $1,171 on gifts for their children in just the past year, which has decreased from the $2,577 that parents spent last year on their baby. In addition, 62% of American Parents surveyed said that their babies accumulated more stuff in a year than they themselves had in five years (at a total expense of $1,442), which is down from last year�s 77% of parents.


"This year�s survey also found that:

  • 93% of parents said their babies accumulated more stuff in a year than they themselves did in five years

  • After their children have grown out of the items, 67% of parents gave them to a friend or family member, 63% donated them to charity, 27% sold them and 11% just threw them away

  • The most common outgrown items include backyard toys (42% of parents said they still have them), sporting goods and equipment (39%), furniture (46%) and electronics (45%)

  • 46% of parents said their kid clutter takes up a corner of a closet, 28% said it takes up the better part of their attics and 6% said they no longer park their car in the garage because their children�s items have taken over their entire home

  • Parents said they spent an average of $1,171 on gifts for their kids last year

  • 15% of parents say they often sell unwanted items online (perhaps on a site like eBay Classifieds!) and a quarter of parents said they occasionally do, depending on the item


"Instead of allowing all these items to clutter up your home, why not sell your children�s outgrown items and earn back some of the money you spent? From now through July 31, eBay Classifieds will make a donation for every new ad posted within the For Sale category (up to $25,000), to Enough is Enough, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet a safer place for children and families. Getting rid of your unwanted items can not only help you reclaim your space, but can also help others, too!"

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  1. A great place that I've found to get rid of the paper kid clutter is with a keepsake magazine. Scribble Scrabble Magazine has a service where you send in projects and drawings (or photos of stuff too big to send), and they create a magazine featuring your kid as a 'featured artist'.
    It's pretty cool. I got one for my nephew. That's one way to get some kid clutter out of the closets, attics and garages. At least the stuff that no one wants to buy on eBay.