Thursday, June 3, 2010

Does Revising Your eBay Auctions Help Sales?

Can revising your eBay auctions help your sales? I have one Yard Salers newsletter reader who thinks it does. I'll let her tell it:

"Forgot to tell you something that has been working for me.  Don't
know why, but it's happening to often to just be a coincidence.  
have been revising about 10 my eBay store auctions a day (catching mistakes,
adding things that didn't get added when they were listed, etc, etc).  And more
than once or twice, a few days after revising the item, it sells, and quite
often at the full price.  I've also been adjusting my selling prices upwards -
not a lot, just $.50 cents or so - and they have been selling at the new
prices.  It must have something to do with the way eBay is now showing ALL items
listed, not just auctions, but sure don't know what that has to do with it. 
I've also speculated that maybe the computer thinks it's a NEW auction and gives
it a better placement.  But anyway, it seems to work!  So you might want to tell
your readers to try revising their auctions a little and see what

So there you have it! As it happens, I am revisiting many of my eBay auctions anyway - in some cases to relist them or change the prices, and in others to take the listing down anyway and move the item to (In the latter case, it is mainly true for my slow-moving collectible books such as old yearbooks, which I think no longer make sense to let sit on eBay and rack up fees.

Blu book pingry 1964    [  Left: an example of the kind of specialized book, a prep school yearbook, I am looking to shift off eBay onto amazon. ]

I still have other types of listings which I think are best suited to eBay, such as my jewelry and handcrafted bracelets. But I am taking a hard look at what I sell where and what does best in which online venue.

Give it a try or leave a comment here if you have feedback.


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