Friday, April 9, 2010

"ShoeMoney" Offers Free 12-Week Internet Marketing Course

ShoeMoney (c'mon, who can resist that nickname?) is giving a FREE 12-week marketing course. The url is -- more info below from the man himself. 

But first I will tell you what I know about ShoeMoney. The iconic image of ShoeMoney is him holding this monster check from Google for his AdSense earnings of some $132K (this is taken from a screen shot of his web site:)


I first  met ShoeMoney at an eBay Developers' Conference where I interviewed him and his colleague Dave Dellanave for AuctionBytes about their AuctionAds product which won an eBay award. (They sold the co. for what I believe was a tidy sum - the price was not disclosed; The interview is here:

He and Dave talked about their product which seemed like a win-win for eBay and eBay affiliates alike, and I was impressed. Since then I have followed Shoe's blog when I have's a fun blog to follow, with lots of readers and comments:

So when this guy gives away free info, it's worth grabbing it. Details are below. Or go right to



I'm Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker and for 13 years I've been building successful online businesses. For the past five years I've been working hard writing a book to help others get started online. I recently decided that there is just too much great information in my book to exclude people from reading it. I have now backed out of my major book deal and turned it into a completely FREE 12 week guide to Internet marketing. No strings attached. Enter your email and start receiving the weekly guides directly in your inbox!

Week 1 - The Beginner's Guide To Internet Marketing

Week 2 - Affiliate Marketing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start Promoting Products

Week 3 - Market Research: How To Crush Your Competitors And Discover Hot Niches

Week 4 - Introduction to Pay Per Click

Week 5 - Advanced Pay Per Click

Week 6 - SEO Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

Week 7 - Content Creation: How To Create Articles That Attract Users And Increase Sales

Week 8 - Marketing: How To Use Social Media To Spread Your Brand

Week 9 - Make That Cash: 10 Ways To Monetize Your Site And Increase Profitability

Week 10 - Testing & Tracking: How To Optimize Your Site & Make Sense Of The Figures

Week 11 - Building Your Team: How To Network With Others And Find Long Term Partners

Week 12 - Launch Day: How To Kick Start Your Business And Manage Your Projects

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