Monday, April 19, 2010

Midcentury Modern Can Resell Well on eBay: Bamboo Flatware

One of my readers, Susan, who had the epic find of a Kieselstein-Cord trophy bag (found for cheap at a church sale) for $755 on eBay (, gives us another hot tip - midcentury modern flatware, specifically bamboo flatware made by Stanley Roberts.

Stanley1 I'll let her tell it:

"The wonderful flips are always a good surprise.  I am keeping my eyes open now for stainless flatware sets and partial sets.  I sold some of that old bamboo stuff that everyone had in the 70�s for a ridiculous price recently.  It was sitting in my drawer for use at Thanksgiving.  I decided that the $180 or whatever that I got for it was worth the 'sacrifice.' 

"I bought a set of 'Astro' for $10.00 at auction.  I haven�t listed it yet, but it is from the 60�s and sells for crazy numbers.  Keep your eyes out for any stainless that looks midcentury, or the Stanley Roberts bamboo stuff. 

"I guess that�s my personal flip story for today!"

You heard it here.  More about midcentury modern in another post. (A hint: think angular, 50s, Frank Lloyd Wright, Eames chairs, "Dwell" magazine).


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