Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally, Thumbnail Photos for Craigslist: CraigsPro iPhone App

I finally found something that lets me view thumbnail images of Craigslist postings while browsing a category.

It's an iPhone app called CraigsPro, and I stumbled upon it by accident.


Above is an example of what browsing listings in the clothing+acc category in the craigslist in my city, Washington DC, looks like, with this app.  (This is low-res, but if gives you the idea). So much better to get a glimpse of what's lurking behind each posting than having to click into each one.

Another thing CraigsPro does is lets you search multiple cities at once, and also post to the site and manage your account. You can use photos taken with your iPhone camera or ones stores in your Photo Albums.

Craigspro3   Another cool thing it does is lets you return to the main search screen with one shake of the iPhone, if you went deep into the results and want to get back.

See a listing you like and want to email it to yourself to print out from your printer? You can do that too.You can also call the poster from a listing, and use Google maps to see where the item is located or to get directions for it.

The overall rating for this app is 4 stars, with 353 ratings at this writing. The app is also FREE. I'm very psyched to start using it.

Do you have experience using this app, or recommendations for other iPhone apps? Post a comment here.

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