Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day Four of eBay's Changes: Even Better

I think I'm going to like this. It's Day Four of the eBay changes, with what were traditional "Stores" items now showing up in regular search, and another item that had been festering unsold in my store got an offer.

It wasn't as hefty an offer, relatively, as the item that sold two days ago -- a black Chanel suit -- but I accepted it anyway because I was in a wheeling and dealing mood, and in a "Spring cleaning" mode, I want to clear out all my unsold merchandise.

And I probably will, too, because if the items that have been sitting in my store a year or more don't sell soon, I'm going to take them down. eBay also seems to be encouraging this with their slightly higher fees for sellers who are lower-volume -- from 3 cents for the old Stores-style listing to 20 cents under the new Fixed-Price format.

But, I have noticed that some of my other items have more people "watching" them now, such as my beloved yearbooks. Yearbooks are an example of the specialized kind of items that can take months and years to sell, which I don't plan to keep listed as long if they don't. It will cost me too much more to have them sit there.

I may ship these books to amazon using the "fulfillment by amazon" program -- where you ship a bunch of books to amazon to sell and they then keep them on their shelves and shop them out for you when they sell.

It's too early to tell the overall impact on my business. But, hopefully, with everything getting more exposure, and trimming out the underperformers, it will be positive.

Does this mean a lot of sellers will take down a lot of quirky, specialized, lower price items? Maybe. Tn that case it may make eBay less of a great yard sale in the sky than it is. But if it helps people's businesses, in this economy, maybe we can accept it.

Above: The vintage Chanel earrings in my store which just got an offer. 

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