Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amazon Launches Rare & Collectible Books Store

A friend of mine who also sells on amazon got the following email
from them about their new Rare & Collectible Books store:
Dear Bookseller,

We're pleased to inform you that the Rare & Collectible 
Books store was launched today. This beta launch is an important 
milestone in our efforts to improve the customer experience for 
book collectors on

During this beta phase, we will be testing new features and 
gathering feedback from buyers and sellers. Please visit 
the store and let us know what you think. 

The new store can be accessed through the Books 
store, or you can see it now by clicking on the following 

The store features launched today include advanced search and 
dedicated browse functionality, product merchandising, and 
customer-facing content about rare and collectible books. 
We would also like you to know that only collectible 

listings that have the collectible attributes (Collectible 
Edition, Signed By, and Dust Jacket Condition) filled out 
will be indexed and discoverable from our store. It is 
therefore very important for you to populate as many of the 

attributes you can on each of your collectible listings.

For more details about the new store, please see our Seller
Success announcement:

We also want to invite you to participate in the new Rare and 
Collectible Books Community forum. The forum is accessible from the 
main store page, or you can go there directly using the following URL:

We appreciate your continued involvement in improving the customer 
experience for book collectors on If you have further 
feedback or suggestions, 
please write to us at

Thank you for selling on

Amazon Books Category Management Team

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