Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quilting Book Lot Brings in Hundreds on eBay

I just got this entry in for the latest Flips contest. It highlights how crafting books can be a great niche, and that it often pays to buy a large batch of books if you can get them at a reasonably low price:


 I enjoy the flip stories you have on your website, as well as the articles that you do. When I saw the list of prizes for this month�s flip story, I had to write! I want to win that prize!!

On February 5th I attended a local antique/estate auction. I noticed that there was a huge lot of quilting books. I estimated that there were at least 250, since there were 23 boxes and I guessed there were probably about 10 in each box. I was the winning bidder, and purchased all for only $66.00.

I had to have my husband go back with me the next day to pick them up, and let me tell you, he thought I had lost my mind!! Well, I got them all home, and began to organize and catalog them, and that�s when I realized there weren�t just 250 book, but something closer to 500!! 

Many of them were even signed by the authors! I picked out certain ones that I thought might sell for the most, based on my research on ebay and, and listed them first. Get this � my first book sold for $75.00 � more than enough to cover my initial investment! The second book sold for around $45.00! 


[Above: Two of Karen's quilting books which stitched up a tidy profit].


Suddenly, my husband was telling everyone about my quilting books. To date, I have listed approximately half of the books (the hardbacks and larger softcovers), and of those I have sold about 80 or 90 books so far, and have made somewhere in the neighborhood of $800.00 or more!! 

In fact, for the last month, quilt books have been the ONLY thing I have been listing. At some point, after all the books have been listed for 6 or 9 months, I will take the ones that are left, and group them in lots of 5 or 6 and relist them. When all is said and done, and the dust finally settles, I hope I will have made at least $2000. Not bad for a $66.00 investment!!

My auction ID is 4eyedbrunette, and you can take a look at my completed listings as see what I mean!

Thanks for letting me tell my story (and I hope I win!).


Wilmington, North Carolina


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Zero to $2000 a month on Possible?

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