Wednesday, March 31, 2010

iPhone Vs. Droid: More Differences

With the big article in USA Today today ("It's an app world, and it could swallow all computing"- lauding the various apps for smartphones and how much we're all using them, I'm happy I joined the iPhone world. 

And I'm using all kinds of apps -- everything from useful stuff like MapsBuddy, which helps you find restaurants, coffee shops, etc. near you -- to silly stuff that's just plain fun, like the VoiceChanger and SkeeBall apps.

One reason I chose the iPhone over the Droid is it has more apps, at least as of now. But I know a die-hard Droid convert who thinks the Droid (based on Google's Android operating system) is better.

However, she concedes that one thing the iPhone has over the droid is "one can search the web while on a call."

But, then again, she names something the iPhone doesn't do: "tethering to pc, so if one is on the road the pc can access the internet through usb tethering to droid." She says she and her husband have used this when camping at the beach.

Do you prefer Droid or iPhone -- or something else? Post your thoughts here in a comment.

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