Monday, March 22, 2010

Droid vs. iPhone

Are you trying to decide whether to buy a Droid or an iPhone?


I recently bought an iphone and have been loving it, but I also know a few Droid users who swear by it. I picked their brains as to their top reasons they like the Droid better.  (The user with these tips is my cousin, a software systems analyst and needs to do a lot of work on her phone):

- Droid has "documents to go." MS apps / Word are available from the phone. They are stored on the phone as a "d card" and you can search them. 

- Navigation voice. The Droid's GPS app will talk to you as a voice. (It's a woman's voice..I was joking with her they need to get an app with a man's voice for women to listen to).

- Speed. With docs to go, everything is fast, "unlike Quick Office," she says.

- Multiple things can be open at a time. 

- Security. Droid has much better security apps, according to her. There is "mobile security" -- you can find Droid on a map with this should you lose it. You can use your pc to track it down. (You do have to set this service up/register with it).

This is useful whether you lose it or it is stolen. You can also lock it remotely.

OK, so what about the iPhone crowd?

- Better camera. My cousin conceded the camera is better on the iPhone. This is important to me because I like to take a lot of pictures for my blog, sharing, etc.

Although for my eBay auctions, I need to use my good camera with the digital macro setting. (Tip: she says professional photographers lean their hand or arm against something when taking a picture to steady the lens and get better pictures. Phone Camera photos tend to be blurry if you do not keep your hand very steady).

- Droid harder to learn. My cousin says it took her a lot of time to figure out the various features of the Droid/get used to it.

- Apps. "Apple has 93,000 to Android's 11,300. But how many applications do you really need?" asks CNN Money's Philip Elmer DeWitt.

I kind of think the apps thing is a big one. However, one may point out that you don't "need" that many. On the other hand, part of the iPhone raison d'etre (and the whole Apple world, in my mind) is that it's fun. Some of the apps are just plain fun. 

One of the first apps I put on my iPhone was the VoiceChanger. It had my kids in stitches. 

The iPhone is very intuitive, of course. I am happy with my iPhone, and I did sign a two-year contract. I'll keep my eye on the Droid world, however, and see how it goes down the road.

What do you think? Droid or iPhone, and why? (OK so there's also the BlackBerry, which one friend says is the best smartphone for doing a lot of email, but that's for another day). Post a comment here!


  1. The droid eBay app by Bonfire Media is excellent. It has helped me find 100s of thrift store items to resell on eBay that i might of passed on.

  2. Thanks for comparing them and posting it! I have been wondering which is better. Gives me something to think about....
    Maybe you could add a comparison of the Blackberry and new Palm's that Verizon has out? Great work!

  3. Oh I do hope to visit some day! What a great place to work!

  4. Good luck, good health, good cheer. I wish everyone a happy Xmas