Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flipping Tiki Mugs & Stuff on eBay

It's time to share another flip from my Flips contest in the Yard Salers newsletter at

Hawaiian Tiki Mugs

Hi Julia,

I so enjoy your blog on "flipping" on Ebay! I want to tell you about one of my best flips.

I stopped by a garage sale and picked up 2 ceramic tiki-style glasses with hula dancers on them. One of them had the paint rubbed off a little. The seller told me they cost a quarter apiece and had come from a restaurant in New York.

I bought them and went home to do research. I stumbled across a great site of tiki mug collectors ( who advised me about the mugs. I listed them together on Ebay since one had damage and was pleasantly surprised when they got tremendous bidding action and sold for $278!! Now I always look for Hawaiiana and tiki items. I have even sold some on the Ooga-Mooga website and avoided the Ebay fees.

(Attached is a pic of the mugs)

Keep up the good work and feel free to check out my Ebay/garage sale blog!!

Amy My blog:


Hey Amy!

Super find! I love tiki stuff..someone said something about it a while back but I never wrote much about them, so I am especially glad to have your flip story. Thanks so much! What cute mugs. I wonder if that restaurant went out of business and that's why they were so valuable?

Thx for the ooga mooga site too. And readers should love your have some great finds..I see you've dabbled in Britains,

Thx again and best of luck in the contest!


I asked Amy if I could user her blog address and she said yes. And about the restaurant: "The Hawaii Kai was a NY restaurant/bar that went out of business. Here's what I found out: The Hawaii Kai is a legendary tiki bar from New York, best known as the location of Joe Pesci�s famous 'Do I amuse you' scene in Goodfellas.





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