Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Thumbnail Images in Feedback Forum on eBay Would Be Nice

In this season of wish lists, I've been thinking of what features or changes I'd like to see from eBay. I'm going to be blogging about them in the weeks to come. One thing I've been missing is the thumbnail images in the Feedback Forum. They seem to have spaces for thumbnail images now but they don't always come in. I'm not sure why.

In any event, I remember there being some foofaraw about privacy issues with displaying these images in a member's feedback area, so eBay has tinkered with the settings there. But it is sometimes hard to remember what something looked like or exactly what it was when you go to leave feedback, especially when there are similar items.

And did you know that as a seller you can customize your selling manager display so you can see thumbnail images with your listings? (It's the "Customize Display" link on the upper right of the Selling Manager page). I just discovered that setting and turned it on, and it will make viewing my listings so much easier, especially since many of my listings have similar names.

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