Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Come to think of it, eBay: eBay's new ad campaign and a better idea?

eBay's new ad campaign slogan is "Come to think of it, eBay." As people have not come to think of eBay as they once may have, maybe getting that out there is the right thing to do. On the other hand, it does underscore the site is not as popular as it once was.

But my issue with the slogan is it does not convey the value people can find, and have been able to find for a long time, on eBay. Especially now, in these recessionary times.

And yes, I have a modest proposal for another about this: "Better check eBay first."

Scenario: two women are talking. "Have you seen those new knee-high Cole Haan boots? They have 3-inch heels but they have Nike sneaker techology in them so they feel like sneakers."

woman #2: "Girl, have you seen the price tag on those things? We're talking almost $500."

woman #1: "Well, I don't pay *retail*, girl. I check eBay first."

woman #2: "You found those on there?"

woman #1: "You bet I did. Paid half of retail..someone wore 'em once. Saves me $250."

woman #1: "Get out, girl! I'm gonna get myself a pair!"

woman #2: [Laughs] "You better check eBay first."

Well, you get the idea. And for the record, I did buy a pair of Cole Haan NIke air boots on eBay. I paid half of retail and I've worn them three seasons a year for two years.

See a sample ad from eBay's new campaign, from the Wall Street Journal's site:

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