Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What to Do When Your eBay Buyer Says He Did Not Receive the Item

It's one of the emails we eBay sellers most dread. "I didn't receive my item yet..when did you send it?"

Thus ensues the frantic search for postal and, in some cases, customs receipts, the inputting of a tracking number, and the mystery of what the heck happened to your item in transit.

A recent email from a reader of my Yard Salers newsletter was about just this topic. This has also happened to me a few times...in one of the most nerve-racking cases, the item finally showed up in eastern Germany after some three months. I found there is some good news, however:

- If you have the proof of delivery/tracking number, you should be eligible for PayPal seller protection.  Here's what they say about it on the PayPal site:

"PayPal provides coverage to U.S. account holders for eligible transactions in the event of an unauthorized payment or item-not-received claims, chargebacks, and reversals.

To be eligible for PayPal Seller Protection:

- The transaction must be marked eligible or partially eligible for Seller Protection on the Transaction Details page.

- The item must be shipped within 7 calendar days of receiving payment to the shipping address on the Transaction Details page, and in accordance with our shipping requirements.

- In the event a buyer files a claim, you need to respond to our request for documents and other information in a timely manner.

- The item must be a physical, tangible good that can be shipped.

- Your primary residence, as listed in your PayPal account, must be in the United States.

What's not covered:

- Items picked up locally or delivered in person
- Services, intangible items, and digital goods
- Claims and chargebacks where the buyer says that the shipped item is significantly not as described."

Shipping requirements � "what documentation do I need?"


It's a good idea to insure any item worth more than you feel you can comfortably reimburse.  eBay no longer allows sellers to charge extra for insurance, however, so make sure you state in the auction that any insurance is included in the selling price, if you do insure it.

Also, and I really think eBay did the right thing with this, if a buyer leaves unfavorable DSR's (detailed seller ratings..the 5-star system) and they are international, those DSR's won't count against your overal DSR rating. This is a good thing because so many things can go wrong with international shipments which are outside a seller's control.

What have your experiences been with items that are reported not delivered? Or with the PayPal or eBay protection process? I'd like to know...I invite you to leave a comment here.

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