Monday, August 17, 2009

World's Longest Yard Sale 2009 Part 4: Fentress Field

After our obligatory stop at the Cumberland Mtn. General Store, Signe and I decided to get a little closer to Jamestown, Tennessee, the town that founded the whole concept of the World's Longest Yard Sale. We knew the next must-see was South Fentress field, where HGTV was rumored to be filming.

But along the way we made one more stop. We passed many makeshift yard sale signs, including many that enticingly led off the road and down long, windy driveways. These were the real "Mom 'n' Pop" garage sales that no doubt hid some of the best bargains, and next year I plan to make it to more of those off the beaten track type sales.

A little red Caboose and a lot of tents set up to our left caught our attention on the way, so we decided to make one more stop before hitting Fentress field. We pulled in to a back parking lot, past a hot dog and drink vendor. I went to get a hot dog and Signe went off to troll for vases she could mosaic over.

After scarfing down my lunch quickly, I drifted off to a table with a lot of vintage jewelry laid out. I was looking for old bracelets and whatever else caught my eye. I wound up finding a great coral and turquoise cocktail ring for $2.50, a sterling silver pair of earrings with black beads for $3.50, and two silver necklaces for $1.50. One of them had a lovely mother-of-pearl pendant, the other two shimmer blue beads.

And finally, a very fun goldtone vintage charm bracelet with all kinds of fun charms, like a little Liberty Bell.

Next we were off to South Fentress field. You could tell something big was going on here by the sheer scope of the field, parking lot, and number of tents. Here is a video of our approach to the field:

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