Wednesday, August 12, 2009

World's Longest Yard Sale 2009, Part 2: Of Harleys and Bargains

More from our saga at the World's Longest Yard Sale 2009:

One thing we noticed a lot of were motorcycles, Harley Davidsons in particular. They seem to have a very dedicated following. I don't know if the below is a Harley, but Signe was pretending it was hers:

IMG_0139 Next to the bike you can see a bit of the Americana culture-type art and decor that was for sale. Prices were a bit high for my taste, tho.

I did, however, score a great deal on a new set of King sized sheets - just $20. A vendor had a few tables piled up with all size sheet sets, 800 thread count. Or at least it said it was 800 thread count..guess I'll find out when I sleep on them..ha!

Signe bought a mosaic vase that she couldn't resist for around $6..but later bemoaned her purchase when she realized it was made in China. LOL. Still, it was a good price.

She was on the hunt for vases and other items that she could do mosaic over.

Our next stop was going to be the Cumberland Mountain General Store, which boasts the old soda fountain, and a funky porch brimming with old antique signs and other decoratives such as a tin rooster.

Me in front of the General Store:


But first, it was on to a couple more sales a bit further down the road. We spied a cute red caboose and a bunch of tables and tents to the left, so pulled down a long gravel driveway and parked on a grass lot.

There was tons of glassware, pottery, clothing, books, you name it. I honed in on some great vintage jewelry items where the prices were right:

A charm bracelet for $2.50, sterling silver earrings for $3.50, and a cute coral and turquoise big ring for $2.50.

Signe didn't find much of interest at this sale, so it was on to the General Store after a hot dog break. Did I mention it was hot as Hades?


Below (and left) is a better view of the store, where you can actually read its name:

Inside the store is a charming old soda fountain / ice cream shop...below is a picture of that (I went to order a chocolate milkshake, but to my great disappointment they said they stopped making them on Thursday because last year their machine had gotten "burned out" making them during the yard sale.

A guy sitting on the front porch was extolling the virtues of the burgers they make there, too.

(Continued in the next post: more about the Cumberland Mountain General Store Soda Fountain and the rest of the yard sale).                                                


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  1. You never knew before that harleys had such a dedicated following? There's a reason they're one of the top sold bikes in the world...probably the best known brand name for hogs, for that matter.