Thursday, June 11, 2009

Enter eBay's Seller Challenge for Chance to Win $25,000

Submit a business plan and video and you might win $25K. I got a heads up about this new contest and checked it out. There are also tips for writing a business plan on the page, which I think is great because business plans are so important for entrepreneurs...or so I've been told. More info:

entrepreneurs who�ve dreamed of how they could expand their business online,
eBay wants to help make that dream come true. The first ever Sellers Challenge
calls for entrepreneurs to submit a business plan and video for a chance to win
$25,000 to grow their business on eBay."

Watch a
video on how to submit an entry and read all about the eBay Sellers Challenge at

 One resource I don't think a lot of small business people know about is the Small Business Administration's (SBA's) mentor program at.

There is also a free mentor-protege program at SCORE: "FREE & CONFIDENTIAL small business mentoring from SCORE - Counselor's to America's Small Business:

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