Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Terapeak Tool Compares eBay Sales of NFL Teams

Hi all,

Hal from Terapeak marketing has contacted me a few times about their new tools, and I've been bad about blogging about them. So I'm going to try to get this one out right away.

This tool lets you compare NFL items on eBay based on teams -- with # items sold, average price, and total sales.

For example, the Skins (aka the Redskins, my hometown team) stuff has an average sale price of $86.61, Hey, that's pretty good! I think I'm gonna raid my closet and put some stuff up. I also noticed it's a bit higher than the average sales price of Cowboys stuff. (Ouch, sorry about that, couldn't resist! Anyway, info from Hall below and the link):


"This is Hal again from Terapeak with our latest fun tool�and I think this one�s my fave so far.

With the NFL season having kicked off last weekend, we�ve developed a league-wide sales index that compares the eBay sales of all 32 teams. Sorting either by conference or division, you can see how each team ranks in Total Sold Items, Average Price, and Total Sales. As always, it also includes a bloggable widget, so that as the standings take shape over the next couple months, you can track the rise and fall of each team�s sales.

As expected, the Cowboys are selling nearly twice as well as the next-best team (Pittsburgh), but there are plenty of surprising results. Last year�s Super Bowl combatants, the Patriots and Giants, both rank fifth in their respective conferences in terms of Total Sales, behind three non-playoff teams: the Bears, Browns and Jets (we�re sure Brett Favre�s jersey sales aren�t hurting). Jacksonville, meanwhile, winners of 12 games last year (including a road playoff tilt at Pittsburgh), have sold fewer items on eBay in the past 30 days than any other team in the NFL!

You can view the full index at, and a link to the widget just right of the magnifying glass. Please feel free to use either yourself, and pass the link on to anyone else you feel might be interested.



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