Monday, May 19, 2008

Will eBay Buyers Receive Fewer Feedbacks?

I just had my first experience posting feedback to a buyer under the new eBay feedback system, where sellers can no longer leave neutral or negative feedback.

I think we'll likely see that some sellers won't bother posting feedback unless they're contacted by the buyer to do so. Of course,  sellers still want to see their feedback numbers grow, but if buyers are posting feedback anyway, do sellers have as much incentive to post reciprocal feedback?

I'm not saying it isn't a nice thing to do, just that with all the things sellers have to do, it's one thing that they may let fall through the cracks.

It was funny to be presented with the new feedback options: positive, or will leave feedback later.

Before and after leaving the feedback, I got a message like this: "Sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. Buyers should leave honest Feedback without the fear of receiving negative or neutral ratings. Read more."

It reminded me of the old saying, when we want your opinion, we'll give it to you.

Ah well...we'll see how things shake out in the coming weeks.


  1. We've already had one buyer linked in our comments who has left at least two sellers neutrals complaining that he wasn't left feedback.

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