Friday, February 15, 2008

eBay's Striking Sellers and Petitions, Feb. 18-25

I received the below letter the other day about the eBay strike. Some sellers are boycotting listing on eBay next week (Feb 18-25) to protest the new feedback and other policies (sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers).

I'm not sure what's going to happen. I personally am not going to strike, though I am not thrilled about the new feedback policy. With the new fees, I suspect sellers will have to adjust their business plans accordingly so they can make enough money to make it worth their while. should be interesting to see what happens next week. eBay and others have seen talk of these things before, to not much difference. Will this one be different?

Below is the letter (I made some edits for clarity).


"The stock holders WILL FEEL THIS, maybe not today, but they will.


"E-commerce Giant Ebay faces largest protest to date, Ebay  Boycott Feb
18-25, due to implimentation of new policy and fee hike that will eliminate the
small sellers.


"Sellers stripped of the ability to rate transactions in the feedback
system,  while allowing buyers to continue (that's right buyers can rate sellers -- sellers unable to do the same).
Buyers can rate their transactions Pos -Net- or Neg plus grade seller in 4
categories of preformance.

Seller are NOT ALLOWED  to rate the buyers. ONLY POSITIVE feeback is
permitted for buyers!!


"Ebay's PayPal implementing new policy by which they can hold
payments made to a seller for up to 21 days-as they "DEEM" necessary! No details


"Below are 2 petitions that carry 30,000 member signature opposed to these


"Ebay and PayPal have turned a deaf hear to thousands of sellers on whose
backs Ebay became the giant it is.


"I have personally talked to 100's of sellers have already registered with
different auction sites.

We need this to [be] heard, we need this brought to public."






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