Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Feedback Responses from eBay

I was sent an email that one eBay received after a followup to a question about the new feedback policy where sellers can no longer leave  negative feedback for buyers:

"Thank you for writing eBay in regard to your eBay

"The current feedback system will be changed to a new system in
May. The reasoning behind these changes are:

"1. Current system is
not adequately achieving a primary intent because ts transparency makes
some members reluctant to hold others  accountable. Buyers fear Retaliatory

"2. Buyers who receive negative feedback are more likely to leave
the site more then any other reason.  (Including Item not received or item
not described disputes).  We want to Retain Buyers to the site.

"3. We
will continue to evolve eBay's public and Private feedback system as
Community makeup and marketplace dynamics evolve.  4. 50% of Sellers have a
10% feedback, 80% of Sellers have a 99.3% and above. The old feedback system
is not adequate to differentiate Sellers.  Our primary objective with
feedback is for Buyers to be able to accurately assess Sellers.

"Plus, nothing good comes from unfairly criticizing a buyer publicly. And
frankly, I can?t think of another successful ecommerce business or
retailer where the customer isn?t always right (at least publicly).

"If your buyer has failed to pay for an item, you should file an Unpaid
Item (UPI) claim. If the buyer fails to respond to the UPI report, then
any negative or neutral Feedback they have left for the particular
transaction will be removed. If the buyer shows a pattern of such
behavior and is suspended for UPI, all negative or neutral Feedback they
left will be removed.

"Sellers should only file a UPI claim when a
buyer did not pay. Filing false UPI claims is a violation of eBay policy and
may result in seller suspension.

"If a buyer threatens negative
Feedback to demand more than what was promised in the item description (for
example, the person wants overnight delivery but only paid for standard
delivery), the seller should immediately report the buyer to eBay. If there
is clear evidence of extortion, eBay will take action. Buyers who show a
pattern of such behavior will be suspended. If a buyer is suspended, any
negative or neutral Feedback they left for others will be automatically

"Sellers should only file these complaints when a buyer asks for
more than what is promised in the listing. Filing a false claim is a
violation of eBay policy and may result in seller suspension.

change in the Feedback system is designed to improve the eBay marketplace
which should benefit both buyers and sellers. Improving the Feedback system
should increase buyers' confidence making them trust sellers more.

"we appreciate your feedback on the changes, and we will pass your
concerns along.

"It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for
choosing eBay."

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