Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Really Stupid eBay Spoof Spam Email

The eBay spoof email spam of the day: today I received an email with this subject line: "You've received an answer to your question about item 50 Acre island in South
Pacific."  Click into the email and it's a fake response to an "ask seller a question" I never asked:

julia wilkinson,

Please make up your mind, or i will report you
as a non paying bidder!

Do a mouseover on the embedded link, and you can see it links to an url with a redirect. Even the first part of the url looks legit. But if you look closely the rest of the url is a scam.

Just remember to mouse over these urls if you're ever not sure if it's legit. In this case, the subject line looked off, too.


  1. "50 Acre island in South Pacific"? I wish!

  2. I got this one today and suspected a scam. Whenever I get these I'm curious as to what that scam is but don't want to follow the links to find out.