Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday buying on eBay and Getitnext

We're knee-deep in the holiday buying season, and it's only a few days past Thanksgiving. I've noticed an uptick in many of my eBay auctions, which I think is a trickle-down effect from more buyers overall trolling the site, so if you have stuff you've been waiting to sell, get it up there.

Buyers...what to buy on eBay vs.  Stores? In my household one of the most sought-after items is the Xbox 360 console. Video games and systems are often on the top of the list. My advice is to thoroughly vet the seller, go for the highest feedback possible -- 100%, preferably, and if there is no return policy specified, use the Ask Seller a Question feature to see if they have doesn't hurt to see how fast they get back to you..not to mention if they ever get back to you.

One site that aims to make eBay shopping simpler and to cut down on the clutter is Getitnext, at Coincidentally, the Nintendo Wii was the featured hot item on the home page when I visited it this morning.

There are also tabs for Find a Deal - auctions with 0 bids and less than 4 hours remaining; and Bulk Deals, Lots, Multiples, and wholesale, as well as Buy It Now items.

I've just started playing with this but I think it can be a fun add-on to the whole eBay shopping experience.

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Happy and profitable holidays, all!


  1. Nintendo Wii sold very well this holiday season

  2. is just like getitnext but simpler and cleaner. It shows all auctions with the total price (including shipping), which makes browsing ebay much nicer.

  3. Uh, I tried and searching for a wii did not even return one actual console in the first page. I tried getitnext and every single result that came back were actual consoles...that seems like simpler to me, I'm hooked-thanks for the suggestion!