Thursday, October 4, 2007

PayPal donates dough to Ballou High School

I was sitting here watching Ellen, and gearing up to list some Russian art books on eBay, and they had the director of Washington DC's own Ballou High school on the show. He's apparently turned the band into a haven for the kids in the school, which is in a crime-ridden part of the city. All the seniors in the band last year went on to college.

Well in these situations Ellen usually presents the person on the show with money or gifts for their cause, underwritten by a company, and I thought it was interesting this time that the sponsor was PayPal.

They donated $25,000 to the band and $75K to the high school. Plus, Ballou-ies will be walking around with backpacks with PayPal logos on them stuffed with school supplies courtesy of the co.

You go, P-Pal. Now you just need a campaign to reduce all the PayPal-related email spam out there.

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